Who We Are & What We Do

Houston Show Choir (formerly Houston Choral Showcase) is made up of talented adult singers directed by Jen Young. What sets this group apart from other choirs is their creative repertoire of pop, rock, disco, jazz, show tunes, patriotic pieces, and more, accompanied by lively choreography. And with entertaining music like that, the singers can’t just stand still with their heads buried in printed music – they memorize the songs so that they can look the audience in the eye, dance, and have fun! The ensemble has sung at public and private events all over the Greater Houston area (and occasionally beyond) since 1932, bringing distinctive performances that are filled with dynamic energy and great singing.

HCS2016 Hands Up

Within the Houston Show Choir organization are three performance groups. VOCAL IMPACT and VOX EVOLUTION are mixed voice ensembles and HEART & SOUL features female voices. Every group is filled with passionate, talented singers whose aim is to share the joy of music with the greater Houston community and beyond.

Custom performances with smaller groups of singers can also be arranged.