Supporting Voices

Our All-Important Backing Crew

happy groupHouston Show Choir exists to share the joy of music, and to do that effectively requires more than the performers on stage. We need volunteers, ambassadors, communicators, cheerleaders, audience members who invite friends, donors, fundraisers, sponsors, and more.

Joining a special group isn’t necessary to be eligible to help, but we think it is more fun to have a community. Here’s what our SUPPORTING VOICES program looks like.

Supporting Voices – Basic Membership

We’d love our Supporting Voices to do some or all of the following, but none is required:

  • Attend shows (purchase ticket)
  • Attend fundraisers (purchase registration)
  • Donate or sponsor (sponsorships come with benefits)
  • Serve as volunteer on a committee or at an event (Front of House volunteers at shows get free entry to the show)
  • Be an alumnus singer

There is no cost to join the Houston Show Choir Supporting Voices at the Basic level.

Supporting Voices members will be invited to join a closed Facebook group created for this special community.

Supporting Voices – Associate Membership

Membership in the Houston Show Choir Supporting Voices at the Associate level costs $50 per season. Enrollment for each season is available August-November for the fall and January-May for the spring.

Benefits of Supporting Voices Associate Membership include:

  • Two complimentary tickets to each end-of-season main show (transferable)
  • Houston Show Choir “swag” (varies)
  • Listing in printed show programs
  • Access to a closed Facebook group created for this special community

Advisory Council

We also have an Advisory Council, a group of individuals who make significant contributions in service, fundraising, or promotion. Please email the Executive Director if you would like more information about this group.

How do I join Supporting Voices?

Start by filling out the form below. If you select Basic membership and wish to join the closed Facebook group, we’ll reach out via Facebook to make that happen. If you select Associate membership, after you have submitted the form we’ll send an email with instructions on how to activate the subscription. Thank you and welcome!